What is the Creative Economy?

Creative organizations contribute significantly to their local economies. Defined as any business where creativity is essential to success and where the potential for wealth and job creation comes through the generation of ideas, products and/or services, creative economy businesses encompass both innovative companies and cultural organizations.  They include engineers as well as artists, marketers as well as musicians.  The creative economy is alive and well in Massachusetts on Boston’s North Shore.

Learn more about what businesses are considered part of the creative economy and where you can find them on the North Shore.

Why Boston's North Shore?

Studies show that creative businesses tend to cluster where there’s a good pool of creative thinkers, easy access to big city energy, and recognition of the importance of lifestyle amenities.  The North Shore of Massachusetts has it all—talented people, a world-class city less than an hour away, and an incredibly beautiful landscape dotted with both small towns and larger cities. It’s a wonderful place to live, loaded with cultural amenities, restaurants and shopping, good schools, online stores like this website and recreational opportunities.  And did we mention the ocean?


Creative Economy subject of North Shore Chamber of Commerce breakfast moderated by Montserrat College of Art President Steve Immerman

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Networking Event

Montserrat College of Art Gallery
23 Essex St, Beverly, MA
December 3, 2013 5:30-7:30 pm

Enjoy the public art project for Beverly and meet other creatives. Read more

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