American Community Think Tank

P.O. Box 372
North Reading, MA 01864
Contact: Karen M. Kline, Ex. Director
Second Contact: Sue Luby
Phone: 978-689-4298
Fax: 978-475-9046

Category: Education
Since 1995, American Community Think Tank has encouraged the creativity of children. It founded programs that have been done in six states plus some foreign countries. We offer art, enterprise, literature, media, music & nature programs, some of which are of little or no cost.

ACTT works with school districts, YW & YMCA''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s and other child-oriented organizations that champion the imagination of young people.

ACTT also offers fund-raising assistance for organizations working with children.

American Community Think Tank is a cheerleader of the wonder & JOY of just being a child!