CEANS is an advocacy organization promoting creative economy development on the North Shore.  It focuses on
  • Supporting creative enterprises with research, resources and programs;
  • Bringing new creative enterprises to the area;
  • Fostering collaboration among CEANS members; and
  • Promoting business among CEANS members and the broader regional, national and global economy.

Our purpose and goals

  1. Encourage new creative economy businesses to open on the North Shore 
  2. Attract and encourage public and private investors in creative economy companies 
  3. Conduct research to define and measure the local creative economy in more depth
  4. Encourage cooperative efforts among creative economy businesses 
  5. Provide educational and support programs targeted to creative economy businesses 
  6. Educate the public and the business community the creative economy and its impact on the North Shore. 
  7. Provide a forum for those involved in or with regional creative economy businesses

The Creative Economy Association of the North Shore (CEANS) reaches out to the broader business communities of the North Shore, Greater Boston, Massachusetts, and beyond.  Additionally, CEANS is an internal networking and think tank initiative for the men, women and organizations that comprise the North Shore’s creative economy.

We invite you to become a member of the Creative Economy Association of the North, to belong to an organization of creative and innovative individuals and companies. We are the thought workers and leaders of the new economy.

What is the creative economy?

The creative economy is taking hold worldwide with major initiatives in Scotland, the UK, Australia and parts of the US.

We define the creative economy as of those industries that have their origin in individual creativity, skill and talent and which have a potential for wealth and job creation through the generation of ideas, products and/or services.

Creative Economy industries include:

  • architecture
  • advertising
  • artists
  • business consulting
  • design
  • education 
  • engineering/R&D
  • film
  • games
  • historic preservation
  • marketing
  • museums
  • music
  • performing arts 
  • photography
  • pr
  • publishing   
  • radio and television
  • software & web   


Collaboration and
Talent Bank Forum




"...the future of Massachusetts is based on innovation and creativity--and our future will not be based on the industries of the past. The cities that have survived have become ones that have focused around new thoughts and new creativity."

-Professor Edward L. Glaeser, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University